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Hier finden Sie die Andachten in den verschiedenen Sprachen:

Here you find the devotions in the different languages:

13FrançaisTu as le choix
732AfrikaansDie Vier Seisoene
832EnglishThe Four Seasons
941AfrikaansWanneer HY praat.......
1041EnglishWhen HE speaks.....
13235FrançaisTrois surprises en une
14431Italianola mia chitarra
15582EspañolLuz del mundo
161112EnglishTrue Communication
181775EspañolA las tres de la madrugada
191849EnglishNo chance for chauvis
201849FrançaisPas de chance pour les misogynes!
234004LatvianDievam nekas nav neiespējams un brīnumi notiek.
244536LatvianLielie atkritumi (Lielais atkritumu spainis)
254558EnglishThe Kernel of Wheat
264589AfrikaansLewe as 'n Christen
274589EnglishLife as a Christian
284628EnglishThe Law of Christ
294638AfrikaansDie wil van die Verlosser
304638EnglishThe will of the Savior
314641AfrikaansWat is die Evangelie?
324641EnglishWhat is the Gospel?
334647EnglishUnder God`s protection
344648AfrikaansDie Noue Poort
354648EnglishThe Narrow Way
364650AfrikaansVakansie tyd – 'n tyd om jouself weer te ontdek
374650EnglishHoliday time – a time to discover yourself again
384652AfrikaansDie Boodskap van die Kruis
394652EnglishThe Message of the Cross
404654AfrikaansDie Here is my Herder
414654EnglishThe Lord is my Shepherd
424655AfrikaansDie Water Kringloop
434655EnglishThe Water Cycle
444657AfrikaansWaar is jou vrede?
454657EnglishWhere is your peace?
464659AfrikaansHeeltemal verkeerd
474659EnglishCompletely incorrect
484660AfrikaansProefing van Geloof
494660EnglishTest of Faith
504661AfrikaansVrees vir God?
514661EnglishFear of God?
524669AfrikaansGebed, Smeking, Danksegging
534669EnglishPrayer, Supplication, Thanksgiving
544670AfrikaansGaan dan nou heen
554670EnglishNow therefore go
564675AfrikaansLoof die Skepper!
574675EnglishPraise the Creator!
584676AfrikaansMadeliefie liefde..
594676EnglishDaisy love....
604681AfrikaansDankbaarheid en moed
614681EnglishGratitude and courage
624683AfrikaansHoe word jy 'n mens wat aan die brand is vir God
634683EnglishHow do you become a person who is passionate for God
644686AfrikaansSirkulêre Tesis
654686EnglishCircular Thesis
664687AfrikaansBitter Wortels
674687EnglishBitter Roots
684691AfrikaansWat vermag Gebed?
694691EnglishWhat empowers Prayer?
704691LatvianKo spēj lūgšana?
714695HrvatskiMi smo Crkva Božja
724696AfrikaansNiks is onmoontlik nie
734696EnglishNothing is impossible
744696LatvianNekas nav neiespējams
754698LatvianMūzika: kas par lielisku tēmu...
764701AfrikaansRabbi waar is U tuis? - Kom kyk!
774701EnglishRabbi where dwellest Thou? Come and see!
784702AfrikaansSwitserse Kaas
794702EnglishSwiss Cheese
804702LatvianŠveices siers
814706AfrikaansHoekom moes God Jesus word?
824706EnglishWhy did God have to be Jesus?
834709EnglishTestimony of the Holy Spirit
844713AfrikaansOnvolwassenheid en Gehoorsaamheid
854713EnglishImmaturity and Obedience
864714AfrikaansWie was deur God verlaat....?
874714EnglishWho was forsaken by God … ?
884721AfrikaansMy Ryk is nie van hierdie wêreld nie
894721EnglishMy Kingdom is not of this world
904722AfrikaansTyd en Ewigheid
914722EnglishTime and Eternity
924725AfrikaansBybel of geen Bybel nie – is dit nog 'n vraag?
934725EnglishBible or not the Bible – is that even a question?
944726AfrikaansDie God van alle vertroosting
954726EnglishThe God of all comfort
964730AfrikaansTyd vlieg verby
974730EnglishTime flies
984734AfrikaansGeloof en Genesing
994734EnglishFaith and Healing
1004738AfrikaansNou is die tyd, nou is die uur
1014738EnglishNow is the time, now is the hour
1024742AfrikaansDie spot van die laaste dae
1034742EnglishMocking in the last days
1044743AfrikaansWie val, verongeluk nie
1054743EnglishWhoever falls, does not crash
1064749AfrikaansWare Skoonheid
1074749EnglishTrue Beauty
1084751AfrikaansDie Nuwe Jerusalem
1094751EnglishThe New Jerusalem
1104760AfrikaansIn Ewigheid - Amen!
1114760EnglishIn Eternity - Amen!
1124761AfrikaansDie Tien Vergunnings
1134761EnglishThe Ten Concessions
1144762LatvianTavs prāts lai notiek
1154766AfrikaansGod openbaar Homself in die Bybel
1164766EnglishGod reveals Himself in the Bible
1174770AfrikaansVerborgenheid van die Ongeregtigheid
1184770EnglishThe mystery of iniquity
1194772AfrikaansToe hulle God se Seun doodgemaak het, skryf God 'n nuwe Testament
1204772EnglishAfter they killed His Son, God wrote a new Testament
1214774AfrikaansSkaduwee Christen
1224774EnglishShadow Christian
1234783AfrikaansWat sal ek sê?
1244783EnglishWhat should I say?
1254784AfrikaansAlleen is jy klein
1264784EnglishAlone you are small
1274786AfrikaansGeloof en Wet
1284786EnglishFaith and Law
1294787AfrikaansHet jy God al ooit gesien?
1304787EnglishHave you ever seen God?
1314794AfrikaansEk kan die hele dag lank vies word – maar ek is nie verplig om dit te doen nie
1324794English I can get annoyed all day long – but I am not obliged to do so
1334795AfrikaansDie newel en die lewe
1344795EnglishThe fog and life
1354806AfrikaansDie Versoening van my lewe
1364806EnglishThe Atonement of my life
1374808AfrikaansChristus of Muhammed
1384808EnglishChrist or Muhammed
1394817AfrikaansMaak die deur hoog
1404817EnglishMake high the door
1414819AfrikaansHoe kom ek in die hemel?
1424819EnglishHow do I get to heaven?
1434820AfrikaansVeranderte Mense
1444820EnglishTransformed people
1454823AfrikaansDie Geloof is nie almal se ding nie
1464823EnglishFaith is not every person's thing
1474824AfrikaansVerlossing deur Verhouding
1484824EnglishSalvation through Relationship
1494830AfrikaansJa, wanneer Jesus weer kom
1504830EnglishYes, when Jesus comes again
1514833AfrikaansOp die straat van Hoop Deel 1
1524833EnglishUpon the road of Hope Part I
1534834AfrikaansOp die straat van Hoop Deel 2
1544834EnglishUpon the road of Hope Part 2
1554851EnglishGod the Father
1564853EnglishPersonalized Faith
1584857EnglishBecoming Like Jesus
1594858EnglishPowers and Forces
1614860EnglishPersecution and Obedience
1624862EnglishJudge and Saviour
1634866EnglishSaved by Grace
1644868EnglishNot of this world
1654870EnglishUnskilled Boldness
1664873EnglishCompassion, Peace, Love
1674874EnglishDisease – we still experience some of it …
1684881EnglishAdvice for daily living
1694884EnglishWe can do it!
1704888EnglishThrow it in the bin
1714903EnglishSeized by desire
1724905EnglishOh when the Saints go marching in
1734918EnglishIn Remembrance!
1744922EnglishThe Path of Abraham
1754923EnglishAvoid evil, do good
1764926EnglishThe Bible, the newsflash service
1774926LatvianBībele – īsziņu pakalpojumi.
1784928EnglishThe most important aspects of faith
1794936EnglishPerilous times
1804937EnglishGod rewards faith
1814938EnglishMaranatha - Lord come soon!
1824939EnglishSpared for salvation
1834940EnglishWhy specifically me?
1844943EnglishNothing is possible without love!
1854946EnglishEternal Loss
1864950EnglishWhat do you serve on your noodles?
1884952EnglishHoly Spirit Presence
1894953EnglishLove versus Strife
1904956EnglishLearning through Suffering
1914958EnglishTurn! Turn! Turn!
1924963EnglishGod thinks about us
1934964EnglishMore is not possible
1944966EnglishLearning from Jesus
1954968EnglishHuman Longings
1964970EnglishThe Light in the Darkness
1974971EnglishThe Bread of Life
1984973EnglishIn Jesus' Image
1994975EnglishThe Resurrection and the Life
2004978EnglishThe Vine
2014980EnglishThe Good Shepherd
2024985EnglishThe Door
2034986EnglishThe courage of Thomas
2044987EnglishInvest patience and love
2054993EnglishBe able to speak
2064994EnglishDignity and calling
2074997EnglishThe Awakening
2085000English5000 - a Second of Eternity
2095001EnglishYou are Mine
2105005EnglishHeart and thoughts
2115006EnglishOrder and Disorder
2125007EnglishEvil exists always and everywhere
2135014EnglishThe City of Sorceries
2145015EnglishTo be a blessing like Abraham
2155016EnglishWords to live by
2165020EnglishTo continue with the blessing of God
2175021EnglishGod is without iniquity
2185022EnglishTraining, Testing, Example
2195023EnglishWhere do you come from?
2205039EnglishTrust enhancing measures
2215042EnglishExhorted: Rethink
2225047EnglishHow often have I doubted, how often questioned?
2235048EnglishFaith and Misery
2245050EnglishWhenever you partake of this Bread
2255076EnglishFaith is what you make of it
2265079EnglishDo you have lack?
2275080EnglishHope in tribulation
2285082EnglishAmazing Hope
2295084EnglishThe tongue – little member, huge effect
2305085EnglishUseful knowledge
2315087EnglishLife is a decision
2325094EnglishGOD knows you!
2335096EnglishServing and Loving
2345097EnglishThe Baptism of John
2355098EnglishWanted: Living Faith
2365104EnglishYou will pay for that!
2375109EnglishNever alone again
2385113EnglishHope for a hopeless world!
2395117EnglishSpeaking before you think
2405118EnglishThe Critic
2415119EnglishInferior and despised
2425123EnglishModern talking
2435127EnglishWithout drawing there is no coming
2445128EnglishThe suffering of the righteous
2455129EnglishOrder means responsibility
2465132EnglishThe Act of Servanthood!
2475135EnglishTime and Circumstances
2485136EnglishBefore the sun goes down
2495138EnglishTears and Joy
2505140EnglishPreservation and Trust
2515144EnglishThe Self-witness of God
2525145EnglishHalloween or Reformations day?
2535147English''Whatsoever He saith unto you, do it!''
2545148EnglishDon't remain alone
2555152EnglishThe Punishment was laid upon Jesus
2565158EnglishYour will be done
2575162EnglishMy Kingdom is not of this world
2585163EnglishThe new Covenant
2595166EnglishLet us not grow weary in well-doing
2615168EnglishResponsibility - Part 1
2625169EnglishResponsibility - Part 2
2635170EnglishTurning point of history
2645175EnglishPrayer sets free
2655177EnglishFaith changes everything
2665184EnglishWe plow and we scatter
2675187EnglishKing of Kings, Lord of Lords
2685197EnglishNothing is impossible
2695221EnglishGod's wrath – our witness
2705222EnglishHidden Glory
2715223EnglishIn Christ alone
2725225EnglishGod speaks when we listen
2735226EnglishEgon - and the winter shall come...
2745229EnglishDon't believe it
2755230EnglishLife is fatal
2765231EnglishMy soul is still before God
2775232EnglishMy thoughts are not your thoughts
2785234EnglishLength and width degrees
2795235EnglishDeath, life, hope
2805236EnglishAre you coming to the party?
2815244EnglishThe Word of Truth
2825246EnglishServe through God's power
2835251EnglishThe brightness of His Glory
2845259EnglishEternity lasts longest
2855263EnglishLight pollution
2865266EnglishWhat have you done to Jesus?
2875269EnglishIn good times and in bad
2885271EnglishWhat do we really need?
2895272EnglishWho am I?
2905278EnglishLong-distance relationship
2915279EnglishDoubt or certainty?
2925282EnglishStriving after the unattainable?
2935285EnglishEternal Priesthood
2945286EnglishFor nation and country?
2955292EnglishA big difference
2965294EnglishPeriod witnesses
2975295EnglishThe love of money
2985296EnglishThe old man and the sea
2995299EnglishHurting and healing
3005300EnglishLove or harsh words?
3015303EnglishLiving from the Source
3025308EnglishWhen encountering immense stress
3035310EnglishProfitable Faith
3045311EnglishBe strong and of good courage!
3055317EnglishCrucifixion and resurrection
3065321EnglishIndescribable joy
3075336EnglishAnd darkness covered the earth
3085338EnglishWhen things don't work out your way
3095342EnglishImperishable Hope
3105343EnglishPride and haughtiness
3115348EnglishLife Blood
3125351EnglishNow is the time of grace
3135353EnglishTen virgins Part 1
3145354EnglishTen virgins Part 2
3155363EnglishWhen it gets really hot again
3165365EnglishPatience – Part of Faith
3175370EnglishWho fears God?
3195384EnglishLight illuminates the darkness
3205387EnglishA summer storm
3215393EnglishToasted Sandwiches
3235399EnglishWhat are we building upon?
3245407EnglishAre you waiting?
3255410EnglishVisible Evangelism
3265412EnglishHealing of the mother-in-law
3275413EnglishWinner and loser
3285414EnglishRecognition or rejection?
3295420EnglishDesire for reconciliation
3305422EnglishWhat is in a meat sausage?
3315425EnglishUntil the end of the world
3325429EnglishLift the hands - weekend
3335433EnglishGood and evil
3345436EnglishWhy complicate it when it can also be simple?
3355437EnglishIs anyone there?
3365441EnglishSpiritual Unity
3375445EnglishCaught in the act!
3385449EnglishRighteousness in Christ
3395453EnglishAs soon as the money reaches the money-box, the soul leaps into heaven!
3405454EnglishAccording to which habits do you live?
3415462EnglishBread of Life
3425464EnglishLove not the world
3435468EnglishSin and the Cross
3445469EnglishPride and Humility
3455470EnglishNo pain, no gain
3465475EnglishWisdom and Peace
3475485EnglishWhen God calls
3485488EnglishFaith not sight
3495499EnglishMisfortune, superstition, erroneous teachings
3505504EnglishOn your death day
3515506EnglishThe good Samaritan
3525509EnglishJesus in my house
3535510EnglishPraying in God's will
3545521EnglishDo our actions have consequences?
3555524EnglishThe Crucified
3565525EnglishErroneous Gospel
3575530EnglishWatch your tongue!
3585536EnglishI see the world – widdewidde the way I want to
3595551EnglishEvery year again
3605560EspañolLa vida es un viaje - No lleves mucho equipaje contigo
3615573EnglishChrist the Saviour is born!
3625582EnglishWater of Life
3635583EnglishMoney rules the world
3645585EnglishBirthday gifts
3655601EnglishSpaghetti must be cooked
3665623EnglishHow so, why, for what reason – whomever does not ask remains ignorant!
3675625EnglishWhen less becomes more
3685631EnglishOvercoming the world
3695660EnglishTo the end of the earth
3705714EnglishWay and Goal!
3715719EnglishGod’s plan throughout the ages
3725729EnglishYou perform awesome miracles, awesome!
3735750EnglishOmnipresent, Omniscient, Omnipotent

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